the texture of clothes, but also reflect the sexy side of women. Black lace can reveal the perfect skin of women through the gap of the pattern. Pass this kind clairabout effect, can reflect


the perfect that gives woman figure, and also can give a person a kind of infinite allure. This black lace deep V-neck tank top is a great fashion item, which adds endless sex appeal to the body. The deep V-neck style allows the neck and collarbone to be shown, and the lace border is used to add beauty.

Primi Piatti

And the style of this kind of sling can also increase coolness in summer. Small abdomen with complete lace style, vaguely through the flat abdomen, very very strong body shape. Wearing fun beautiful top head club little site and course also flori white pearl collar on the neck, with this black vest, embodies the elegant style, and wearing a red buttock skirt is very sexy, and this buttock skirt is a long style, can reflect the perfect figure can cover the excess fat on the legs. Even girls with bad legs are very beautiful. This is a kind of elegant and feminine dress. This sister

Secondi Piatti

straight hair, very sexy and temperament.A piece of clothing for a color of pure color clothing can give a person a feeling of high cold elegant, little sister wearing this dress has high cold aristocratic atmosphere, the fabric of this dress is very grade, give a person


full effect of hanging, but also in the cutting of the use of a lot of small thoughts of the designer What apply in shoulder is the design style of fine condole belt, can give a person a kind of charming effect. And chest adopted v-neck design style, can show a very sexy figure

Dessert e Frutta

the figure of the little sister is thin, through the waist without any decoration design style and long skirt, can give a person a kind of private parts very long visual effect

Vini Rossi

long skirt, give a person a kind of noble and elegance.The younger sister left her hair on one side, in a straight casual style. Such hairstyle can foil a more beautiful face model, and hair end keep out in bosom above, more increased a kind of allure and fashionable breath very attractive.This classic style suits Chinese girls very well. Cheongsam

Vini Bianchi

can also bring out a woman’s perfect figure.The collar is designed with a small vertical collar to protect the neck from being exposed.

very feminine design three-dimensional cutting style is adopted to bring out the slim waist and give a visual effect